There are places that defy space and time. That continue to be an authentic reflection of its heritage and the sublime landscape that surrounds them, coloured in by nature’s pallet and elevated by the essence of the people that live there. Comporta is one of those places. A well-kept secret, untouched yet undoubtedly distinguished.

“Comporta is a place that somehow becomes part of us. A place that reconnects us with life in the most genuine way. To be here is to be part of something real, which ultimately is what we feel when we are home. That feeling itself is such a privilege, one can only be inspired by it”.

Miguel Câncio Martins

Situated on a coast of infinite white sand beaches, between acres of pine trees and lush green rice fields, one hour south of the European capital Lisbon, the sublime natural reserve of Comporta is the destination of choice for those who desire to disconnect and embrace the best of nature whilst living an authentic experience set in simplicity.

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