An authentic experience inspired by the harmony, simplicity and unique allure of the best Portugal has to offer…


Located in the heart of Comporta’s idyllic natural reserve, Quinta da Comporta is the first signature project dreamed, built and designed by renowned Portuguese architect, Miguel Câncio Martins.

As an undeniable tribute to the cultural heritage of Comporta, built from the love and respect its author feels for the location, Quinta da Comporta offers the perfect translation of its inspiring lifestyle through the integration of traditional architectural lines, connection to its natural environment, proximity to the locals and inherent history.

Providing exclusivity, an authentic local experience and high quality service, Quinta da Comporta’s seventy-three spacious Pool Villas, Townhouses apartments, Suites and Rooms, create the perfect resort for a genuine journey inwards.

Infused with a contemporary feel, simplicity unveils elegance in every detail and invites you into a deep retreat, where wellness and tranquillity play a leading role. Discover a new sense of belonging creating authentic memories at Quinta da Comporta.


We are deeply passionate about Comporta.

An untouched natural reserve where tranquillity reigns and a unique lifestyle, based on a genuine connection to nature and the local heritage of the location, creates the perfect setting for an authentic experience.

The Sado River flows at its gentle pace and hues of lush green from the rice fields along its margins blend in with the characteristic tones of the pine trees that grow naturally all around. The Atlantic ocean’s watery blues become more vivid when sighted over the endless stretches of soft white dunes and beaches. Long (slow) walks through the silence of Nature inspire a sense of serenity that gently grows within us.

That is why, at Quinta da Comporta, we invite you to take time to travel inwards to a place where life’s simplest (and greatest) pleasures are fulfilled. Where you can comfortably indulge in an exclusive experience surrounded by elements that are essential for your mind, body and soul to find the right balance.

Welcome to Quinta da Comporta.
Where authentic experiences create authentic memories.


Discover a new sense of belonging creating authentic memories in your home away from home at Quinta da Comporta.